Biography – Gunner Edwin Farrington

Biography – Edwin Farrington
Died 1st April 1945. Age 26

Family situation

  • Edwin was born in Audley in 1919 and had had 3 siblings, but after the death of his mother in 1930 his father remarried and the family moved to Cherry Tree Cottage, Balterley, the house of his new wife Annie Maydew.


He enlisted in the Royal Artillery and served as a wireless operator, seeing action at Tobruk in the 8th Army.

Between May 1942 and February 1943 he was captured and taken as a prisoner of war to Italy.

He was held First at Capan, then Stalag VIII B in what was then Germany but is now Poland.

It is thought he may have been killed while trying to escape.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission Certificate