About Us

St. Margaret’s is a welcoming and friendly village church community drawn from many different denominations and backgrounds. We rejoice in our diversity, yet share the desire to assist one another in discovering our full potential in Christ.

We are also an outward looking church, which engages with the world around us in a variety of ways. Our mission is to help people become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Our Vision For The Future

For some years our vision for St. Margaret’s has been that through our worship, prayer, fellowship and pastoral care, God’s love and the good news of Jesus Christ will be more widely known and understood in the village. We know that if others are to come to faith we must be a community of believers which has Christ at the centre, inspiring our personal and church lives, and that the Church must be a significant presence in the life of the village.

Our priorities are:-

  1. To encourage the faith of our members.
    • by maintaining and developing our regular midweek fellowships for enjoyable sharing, discussion and learning
    • by developing our children’s ministry, including our nascent Sunday morning ‘Earlybirds’.
    • by inspiring and nurturing a new generation of leaders and ministers for the church over the long term
    • by ensuring that all Sunday worship, regardless of its wide variety, celebrates our faith and encourages people in their faith.
  2. To engage with the wider community
    • by providing opportunities to experience worship in ways attractive to this community
    • by building lasting relationships through all ‘rites of passage’ and pastoral care opportunities.
    • by using the relationship with Betley Primary School to nurture young people throughout their primary years.
    • by encouraging involvement in ‘Alpha’ type experiences and resourcing their leadership.
    • by maximising involvement in existing and new Church sponsored activities (e.g. bells, choir)


The Future

We are aware that notwithstanding the wonderful things God has already done in the parish, we will be involved in development and change for the sake of the Gospel.