What to Expect

A warm welcome!

We will be delighted to welcome you to our church but we promise not to overwhelm you. You will be entirely at liberty to sit at the back (or the front) or anywhere else you feel comfortable. You can stay for the whole service or for a part. We will NOT ask you to speak (other than to invite you to join in with others, if you are comfortable to do this).

You don’t need to dress up!

Simply wear the kind of thing you would be comfortable to go shopping in – there is no need to put on smart clothes.

Babies, toddlers and children are very welcome

During the main Sunday morning service (except the monthly family service) there will be a Sunday school with supervised activities for the children. Please speak to the people handing out books at the door for more information. If you’d prefer to keep your children in church or they don’t want to go that’s fine. There’s also a children’s seating area with sofas and toys if they (or you) would prefer that to sitting in the pews.


St Margaret’s has a no steps leading to the main entrance. Inside there are some changes in levels but the main area of the church doesn’t have any steps. Please let us know if you require extra assistance.


We have a toilet in church equipped with changing facilities for nappy changing. The toilet is situated straight ahead as you enter church.

Before the service

Some people like to be quiet or quieter before the service. Some people enjoy the opportunity to catch up with friends. Please feel free to do either and to respect others who are different from you.

During the service

Hymns and songs will most likely be sung. Prayers will be said to which you will be invited to say “Amen” – but only if you wish to. There will be prayers to share in. At most services there will be a talk given by one of the clergy or a Reader (both of whom have received some theological training and have been licensed by the Bishop to speak). At many services a free will offering of money will be taken to help resource the ministry of the church – there is NO obligation to contribute towards this.

After the service

You are most welcome to leave or to linger. After many services we share hot drinks together. After all services the leader will go to the back and be pleased to meet you, if you would like to introduce yourself – you will be under no pressure to sign up for anything – we are simply pleased to meet you. If you do wish to come again, we will be really pleased and will do our best to help you to get to know people. It’s entirely up to you.

Common Questions:

Do I need to do anything?

A: No, but you are not required to do anything. However, you are of course invited to join in with which ever parts of the service you would like to.

What is Holy Communion?

A: Holy Communion is a regular service at St Margaret’s where we remember Jesus and his encouragement to his followers to share bread and wine and to celebrate his love for the world and its people.

Can anyone join in with Holy Communion?

A: Yes, if you are present, you are encouraged to join in. Whether you feel ready to receive the bread and wine is up to you. If you are (or have been) a member of a Christian Church and have received in the past, please do receive alongside us. If you haven’t previously received but would like to, then please have a word with the service leader either before or after the service. If you don’t wish to receive at the moment, you might like to consider coming forward to receive a blessing (which is a simple prayer, prayed over you and doesn’t require you to say anything simply for you to keep your hands by your side, so that we know you wish to receive a blessing).