QR Codes – A Way to Explore our Church!

QR Codes are now available within the church and in the porch.

Information relating to the following can be obtained directly from St. Margaret’s website by using a QR Code Reader on your mobile phone or tablet:

  • Church Construction
  • Church Bells
  • War Memorial Window
  • The Organ
  • The Millennium Tapestry
  • The Font
  • The Charity Boards
  • The Thicknesse Chapel
  • The Tatham Memorial Window
  • The Egerton Memorial

The Code Reader can be obtained by downloading a QR Scanning App on to your device. It is free and safe.

Instructions for installing QR Reader on your device.(PDF)

Once installed simply line up a QR Code in the Church with the camera on your device and the relevant information on the website will be available to you.